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Case Management for Your Benefit

Making sure that we can offer only the best in quality care and research services is our primary goal. At The Center for Innovative Care, we offer our clients the care they need whenever they are faced with social, emotional, or psychiatric distress. Our team is deeply invested in the community and is there to offer the programs and services that will benefit those in need the most. Where others may have an office or location set up, we go where the need for us is greatest, so everyone will have access to our services.

Psychiatric Care

Included with our services are regularly approved treatments made for adults, children, and anyone in need of geriatric care. In addition, we have social workers trained in both physiology and psychiatry at our disposal to assist in case management services. It is our goal as a care provider to strengthen the community’s link to social services and make care easier to access for those that may need it most.

Treatment Research

Our patient care research services are made available for independent, hospital, or governmental facilities that require us to look into care being provided. Our research services give a better idea of how to improve and provide innovative patient care and are cost-effective for both organizations and treatments offered. In addition, we can also take a look at the difference in treatments based on race and gender to find the better options available. If you need us to provide questionnaires to get a better grasp of the effectiveness of treatments, we can offer that as well.