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There is no shame in needing assistance now and then. When it comes to the struggles of emotional, social, or psychiatric stress, many of us need to find help to get better. At The Center for Innovative Care, we do what we can to make psychological treatments available in the places they are most necessary. In addition to our care, we also act as a psychiatric research center, using our skills to try and improve the treatments of those already getting help. However it is we can give to our community, you can count on us to take that route.

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As a psychiatric treatment and research center, we are always looking for new ways to help our patients and improve the help they are receiving. We always go where the need for our services is highest in the community, moving to their location and taking care of them. Though our mobile state allows for care throughout the Southeastern US, we dream of the day that we may plant our roots and create a psychiatric hospital for people to visit and get the help they need. Out of Upper Marlboro, Maryland, we continue to be a community and patient-focused industry that works towards empowering and strengthening those around us. For us, the health of the people is our number one concern, and ensuring our community can live life to the fullest is what drives us forward. If you’re interested in seeking help through us, feel free to contact us via email.


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